Stetzer Electric's Stetzerizer Filters are Hazardous

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DANGEROUS PRODUCT CONSUMER WARNING: Now under investigation by the FTC and Underwriters Laboratory! Stetzer Electric Inc.'s Stetzerizer Filters (especially their power strips/surge suppressors) have been shown to be dangerous, catch fire and emit toxic chemicals and fumes which will damage your health. A California couplewere unlucky enough to have experienced the hazardous Stetzerizer first hand when the device caught fire in their home early one morning while they were sleeping. They were exposed to high levels of cancer-causing toxic particles and fumes. Their house could have been destroyed.

Stetzerizer Filters, filtered power strips - also known as "surge protectors" allegedly help eliminate electrical pollution and they are supposed to protect your equipment and home from electrical surges. The filters are also supposed to help you save money on your electric bills. At least that's what the company's distributors tell people but there is no evidence that such a claim is true.

Even though the couple reported the defective device to owner Dave Stetzer himself on the day of the incident, it took a full four months of efforts to get him to tell his insurance company about it. What happened next was a horror story. Mr. Stetzer then accused his victim of trying to extort him when the fellow said Stetzer should take responsibility and take care of any present or future medical bills.

Stetzer's insurance companies which are ignoring the incident are Acuity Insurance and John Glenn Adjusters (now merged with George Hills Company). Quite recently, Mr. Stetzer and Mr. Glenn told the victim that even though the unit nearly killed the couple and burned down their home, they would be happy to send him a new STETZERIZER.

Both the FTC - Federal Trade Commission consumer division and Underwriters Laboratory have been notified of the incident and are investigating Stetzer Electric. VISIT stetzerelectricdanger DOT com for the latest updates and a VIDEO INVESTIGATION REPORT of the defective product.

Review about: Stetzerizer Power Strip.


Peru, Indiana, United States #1291520

This poster is on YouTube and has made a career of suing people. He overloaded his strip with everything in his trailer. Classic example of trailer trash....

Peru, Indiana, United States #1291515

These filters have saved many lives. I have witnessed leukemia and diabetes vanish once the dirty electricity was cleaned up.

The awesome thing about these miserable people on here that don't use them and bad mouth Dave, is that the last laugh will be on them as they find themselves slowly get sick and ultimately find the grave.

Chilliwack, British Columbia, Canada #1184389

IF YOU HAVE WIRING ERROR AS SOME HOMES DO the shunting will create a potentially very strong magnetic field possibly engulfing entire rooms.Imagine all the people with wiring errors using stetzerizers that have not been informed of this before hand despite them knowing about this serious issue....


Stetzer filter draws 0.9 amperes of reactive current on its own therefore increasing the amount of current supplied to the home, and increasing ambient magnetic field levels in the house.

i use a non capacitive device for Dirty electricity removal called PxDNA from dirtyelectricityremoval .com which only need 1 or 2 units , was recommended by a building biologist.

to Anonymous Peru, Indiana, United States #1291518

Building Biologists don't teach how to mitigate a home of dirty electricity. They address dirty magnetic fields which have zero science backing their claim.

Looks like your post is an advertisement for an over priced very expensive filter.


This started as and was, is and remains a ploy to extort money from this company.The 'wife' was a paid actress and nothing was paid out because the insurance company investigated throughly and found fraud.

the case was dismissed.

Stetzerisers are UL approved and have been working successfully in schools, libraries and other public buildings for years. As far a reduction in electric bills, it depends on the initial accuracy of the meter reading. the more high frequency transmitted, the less accurate the meter reading.

So one person may have a big reduction as their Stetzerizer filters the high frequency off the line and someone else will have little to no reduction because their meter was reading more accurately from the start.

I do not work for this company nor do I have any financial interest.

I just use them and know companies who use them and have had great results.Don't believe everything you read on the internet.


Sounds like a witch hunt from a competitor.

Houston, Texas, United States #834100

The scumbags at Stetzer electic never did anything to help the victims of their fraud. That should tell you something about this crappy company!!!! Don't buy their *** filters - save a life.

Hamburg, New York, United States #775595

Please, please, please do not buy these horrible devises!The surge protector almost burned down our house( with my husband and 4 pets in it!) we had the device for about 2 years- along with about a dozen filters and it was only used for less than a year.

We had 1 computer plugged in to it along with an airport. That's it, and it blew out.

I thank a God that my husband was home to call the fire department otherwise- both our 4 adored pets and our beautiful home might be gone.Tell everyone you know!!!!!!

Seattle, Washington, United States #774018

So the healthy108 imbecile who added a link to his comment saying fire debunked writes on his site"I saw a number of power strips fail.It was a relatively small number - only a handful of units.

The units would either stop working, or a burning smell was detected and the unit was removed, or worst case the filter would melt a small hole in the housing."

HEY IMBECILE!that PROVES that the above report is CORRECT and that the stetzer filters caught fire!!!

to krimshaw Cincinnati, Ohio, United States #774783

Yes, I too saw that the healthy108 commentator says he's a personal FRIEND of Dave Stetzer then he admits (knows for a fact) that the stetzer units fail and burn and then he goes on to bash a website negative to stetzer electricity. healthy108 is crazy. healthy108 also says the burned units emit burning smells, all proving that what is said in this report about stetzer electric power strips being dangerous is TRUE TRUE TRUE!


Stetzerizer power strip fire accusation debunked

New York, New York, United States #754870

I have reviewed the reports about emf filters and studied its effects, especially the STETZER stetzerizer and I am sorry to say that they do NOT work.The fact that they catch fire just by having the thing plugged in is probably due to the fact that they are made in China from substandard parts.

Chinese products are garbage and it is amazing that a company that wants to allegedly protect the health of consumers (1) sells stuff made in china and (2) charges high prices for their products and (3) doesn't have the common sense to take care of defective products.Obviously Stetzer Electric cannot be trusted.

Phoenix, Arizona, United States #748168

HOLY SMOKES - the company builds something that's supposed to safeguard your health and it nearly kills you.The couple should sue the pants off that company and its crummy owner.

And just for your information, there is no proof that they emf filters do anything good for you.

My father wanted one in his house and I looked into it.scam!

Madison, Wisconsin, United States #733873

Stetzer emf load filters are just junk science preying on the innocents trying to protect themselves or improve their health.Instead they nearly get burned alive?

What a sick joke.I feel really sorry for the poor couple victims of stetzer electric.

Seattle, Washington, United States #722924

Holy ***.You know, all insurance companies will try to *** after you've already been screwed by unscrupulous companies such as Stetzer Electric.

Anyway, I don't trust products like these so called green filters to protect against emf fields. There is no proof whatsoever that they work. Bottom line, if it sounds too good to be true it just isn't.

And these things were supposed to protect the couple in their own home and they nearly killed them instead.Stetzer and George Hills Co., Acuity insurance are disgraceful.

Auburn, Alabama, United States #722921

These emf filter products are all scams anyway.It's a crime that people were harmed from garbage products that catch fire especially when your asleep.

Good god!!!!!!stetzer products cdan't be very well made to do that.

Salt Lake City, Utah, United States #720708

After my previous comment, I did another search and was amazed to find that Stetzer's biggest competitor Greenwave sued him.

Greenwave International, LLC v. Stetzer Electric, Inc. et al

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Plaintiff: Greenwave International, LLC

Defendants: Stetzer Electric, Inc. and Shaun Kranish

Case Number: 4:2012cv06242

Filed: December 10, 2012

Court: California Northern District Court

Office: Oakland Office

County: Marin

Presiding Judge: Donna M. Ryu

Nature of Suit: Torts - Injury - Assault, Libel, and Slander

Cause: 28:1332 Diversity-Libel,Assault,Slander

Jurisdiction: Diversity

Jury Demanded By: Plaintiff

Salt Lake City, Utah, United States #720700

OMG!How horrible.

Here you think something is goingh to help you and it ends up almost killing you. My prayers are with the couple.

I had a girlfriends mother who breathed toxic fumes from where she worked and it nearly killed her.I am sure anything that burns in your home would produce garbage fumes.

Jacksonville, Florida, United States #714496

This is a very frightening report.I was looking to buy this product but not now.

Harmful and useless?OMG.

to s***yoh #985268

i got 6 of them at home i have also read those comment but decide to buy them anyway its been 3 month so far no problem at all they are not getting hot or anything,

i am suffering from MS and i been feeling better i read an article from an hospital that show this is helping over the study ppl with MS as been stable for almost 7 year which is pretty good.

work or not its up to you to come to your own conclusion

as the comment watch it may be some competitor who just type bad comment just to make ppl buy other dirty electricity filter.

im glad i buy them

Denver, Colorado, United States #713838

Addendum to my previous - the link i was trying to post won't post here.visit winnipegskeptics dot com and search Stetzer filters for the truth about the false statistics and pseudo science by the PhD on the web who promotes Mr.

Stetzers EMF dirty electricity products.It states what many of us know to be the truth that these filters and really scam products and EMF harm has not been proved succinctly.

Denver, Colorado, United States #713833

Addendum to my previous posting -- visit the link

winnipegskeptics dot com (if the link doesn't post) and search stetzer filters and hopefully you'll come with the right article that states these filters are scams and the one PhD promoting them is based on pseudo science and false statistics. Worth checking into!

Denver, Colorado, United States #713822

The EMF protection filters that companies like Stetzer Electric, Inc.make are totally useless.

I have been studying and researching in this area for the past 10 years and not a single one works doing what they say they should be doing.

Furthermore, as in the case of Stetzerizers, they do ADD to the electrical burden on a household and they add actual EMFs.If these products are defective on top of their uselessness then that is absolutely criminal and the company should be shutdown.

Columbus, Ohio, United States #710315


Science Report Deems Stetzer Filters Useless

Report on Evaluation of Stetzer Filters ?? -- by: Greg Gajda, Art Thansandote Ph.D., Eric Lemay, D. Lecuyer, W Gorman and James McNamee, Ph.D. ---- Consumer and Clinical Radiation Protection Bureau Health Canada --- May 11, 2006 (I found this at stetzerelectricdanger DOT COM and else where on the internet)

Here are some excerpts from this report followed by a link to download a pdf file of its entirety:

and Stetzer, 2004].


The purpose of this report was to assess the impact of Stetzer Filters on the electricity supply in the home, in particular to look at its claims to reduce the “dirty electricity” in the line voltage within the specified range of 4kHz to 100kHz. It is important to note that these filters do not claim to reduce magnetic fields at any given frequency.

We conclude the following:

1) The Stetzer filter draws 0.9 amperes of reactive current on its own therefore increasing the amount of current supplied to the home, INCREASING THE BURDEN on the electricity supply and increasing ambient magnetic field levels in the house. The amount of increase may be large or small depending on the number of filters installed.

2) The Stetzer filter DOES NOT CLEAN UP line voltage harmonics. Nor does it help to restore the current of a non-linear load back to a sinusoidal shape. The Stetzer filter current is highly distorted containing harmonic content up to 10 kHz. (Stetzer current harmonics are accentuated versions of the line voltage harmonics.) Since Stetzer filter currents add vectorily to the other load currents in the home, their distortion products (harmonics) are carried on the electricity supply and ADD TO THE LEVEL OF DIRTY ELECTRICITY in the house.

The impact of installing one Stetzer filter on an outlet has no financial effect on the homeowner since capacitive or inductive (reactive) loads are out of phase with the line voltage and do not consume energy. Consumers only pay for resistive load currents that are in phase with the line voltage. However, the electricity provider must generate the additional current and carry it on the network. An example of this impact would be as follows. In a community of 100,000 homes, if 25,000 homeowners decided to equip their homes with 20 filters per household (20 x 0.9amperes), this would add a constant demand on the network of 450,000 amperes reactive. In some situations, this could lead to the requirements of additional transmission facilities (towers) and would translate to HIGHER MAGNETIC FIELD EXPOSURE in proximity to the towers.

Auburn, New York, United States #709497

My friend wants to buy these things and I said I'd do a web search to check on how well they work. Thank you for posting this warning. I will make sure she avoids this dangerous brand.

Los Angeles, California, United States #709490

These products are all scams. Stetzer's catching on fire and the company doing nothing about it is disgusting.

Scranton, Pennsylvania, United States #692355

I am very dismayed to read this information and I've also found corroborating video on the stetzer electric danger website.Having an electrical device catch fire in your home while you're sleeping is dangerous PERIOD.

If something like that does catch fire of course its going to put off toxic fumes and smoke that will cause damage to the lining of your lungs.

The victims should have sued the company for millions of dollars.I hope they did!!!!

Montreal, Quebec, Canada #689586

I know first hand that the Stetzer filters are dangerous. They have shorted out the electricity in my house because your told you have to load your house with many dozens of these filter things and then we started getting electrical shocks when turning on lights.

Amsterdam, North Holland, Netherlands #689217

I was visiting my friend in Chicago who had these *** things all over his house.When I asked what they were he said they're supposed to cut down on bad electrical currents rummaging his house and affecting his health.

I thought he was crazy and since then I read many science reports stating these devices do not work and are a waste of money.If they catch fire then that's worse and they should not be sold to anyone.


Stetzer Electric is actually advertising to find new distributors to sell their faulty products. How's that for integrity?

Washington, District Of Columbia, United States #686894

I just saw a video on Youtube about how dangerous the stetzer electric videos are under "stetzer electric danger".Here is my comment that I left there: I have been researching the stetzer electric filters for use in my home and found this very informative video.

No way would I buy these dangerous products which from what I've read elsewhere on the web, they are also totally useless. Thanks for posting this video, although I am sorry about the conditions you suffered.

You should continue to update the situation if the company ever comes around to solving your health plight.

I think it is utterly disgraceful that a company like stetzer electric makes such dangerous products then leaves people in the lurch when their products go bad.

Corona, California, United States #686235

I was very concerned about dirty electricity and called the company.Stetzer told me I would have to buy 30 to 35 of their filters for my size house.

Here I thought I would need just one but they want to sell you multiple units that they also claimed would save me money on my electrical bill. *** me I bought 30 and hoped for the best which was a total joke.

The units tripped the fuses repeatedly, my wife got shocks turning on lights, my kids are still sick and my electrical bill got higher.Stetzer can take his units and shove them up you know where.

Toronto, Ontario, Canada #635681

these filters are a nice idea but they are not proven to work and as with my experience I can tell you they don't do a *** thing in either saving money on electric bills or healthcare. they tell you you'll feel better but it's just nonsense. don't waste your money!

San Juan Bautista, California, United States #629057

I purchased lots of those filters, and on the night that were installed in our outlets I got electrical zaps, very painful.Seems like it created magnetic fields around the rooms of the house, anywhere these Stetzer Filters were installed.

My leg got a burn mark from a painful electrical zap.

Now we are NOT using them.I WANT MY MONEY BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Toronto, Ontario, Canada #628866

I would really like to know what agencies are doing to protect consumers from this product - does anyone know at this point. I would never buy these stetzer products.

Rocklea, Queensland, Australia #618612

Dont on any account install these filters in trying to protect my grandchildren I told my daughter about them we both purchased these for our homes, one at my daughters house caught fire if they had been asleep only God knows what would have happened, then the sales rep tells me "Oh all the 09 filters were recalled " well guess what nobody told us- and offered to replace them with the 011 I think he said, no thank you!


I can't say I buy into the dirty electricity idea that these products are supposed to solve but I won't be buying these filters that's for sure.If i want to burn up, I'll just smoke in bed.

I feel sorry for the couple.Here they were thinking they were just protecting themselves and look what happened.


Try Greenwave filters instead they're more reliable and less expensive.


You cannot trust people who manufacture for profit selling Chinese junk on unsuspecting people.


:( was thinking of buying one of those emf filters but i can see now they're a least the stetzer ones that are all over the place.

i hate to stetzer


I checked the website and there is a science report that says very clearly, The Stetzer filter does not clean up line voltage harmonics.Nor does it help to restore the current of a non-linear load back to a sinusoidal shape.

The Stetzer filter current is highly distorted containing harmonic content up to 10 kHz.

(Stetzer current harmonics are accentuated versions of the line voltage harmonics.) Since Stetzer filter currents add vectorily to the other load currents in the home, their distortion products (harmonics) are carried on the electricity supply and add to the level of “dirty electricity” in the house.I think that says it all.


I am very concerned about dirty electricity.I've always felt that our government is lying to us about it's safety and was doing a search for products that are supposed to help.

I came across the Stetzer filters being sold on the web all over the place.

I am glad I found this site and I will check out the consumer site that talks about the dangers of Stetzer filters.Thank you.


Dirty electricity should stay dirty and electrical pollution too rather than having anyone rely on products that could kill you. Stetzerizer is a simple surge protector with no magic powers but it seems in this case it magically can crash and burn you to death. Great, thanks for the info.

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